In our boathouse at the City of Sheffield Rowing Club, someone has pinned up a quote from the American novelist Ray Bradbury, one that was more recently appropriated by Adidas in a publicity campaign; “Love what you do and do what you love.”

The EU referendum is looming into view and soon the UK will be heading to the polls to decide the fate of our membership of the EU. The political machine is already working at full velocity and any number of politicians, analysts and influencers will be rolled out over the next few weeks to deliver their opinion on the matter of Brexit. Though the result is far from a foregone conclusion, there are potential implications for the energy assessment industry.

A few different scenarios I experienced recently has helped me realise how dependent some remote workers still are on pen and paper, how some industries have embraced the digital age whilst others lag behind & how Formation Software can help. I’d like to share some of these observations with you.

Steve Hackleton is a Technical Advisor for Stroma. With experience working as an electrician, Steve understands many of the technical problems which arise when carrying out installations and how to resolve them. As part of Installer Week, Steve has contributed his guidance and advice on how to complete a successful installation assessment, and how he can support you throughout your entire certification process.

Julian Hodgson is one of Stroma’s Technical Advisors, with years of experience working as a heating and plumbing engineer. Julian has installed all manners of heating appliances and renewable technologies and has tutored others in similar trades. Alongside Stroma’s Installer Week promotion, Julian has contributed his best practice advice to this blog, offering hints and tips on what to expect and how to successfully pass installation assessments in order to join Stroma’s certification schemes.

As the founder and Managing Director of Erudite Training Ltd, my working life, hobbies and passions are all bound in the established training company that is Erudite. With over 25 years of experience as an electrical engineer, I have not only achieved my own qualifications, but have also been able to pass on my knowledge as a lecturer for installers.

Erudite have partnered with Stroma Certification to support installers throughout all aspects of their trade. We provide training facilities for new and experienced installers, preparing them with the qualifications required to become certified under Stroma Certification’s installer schemes. Between both of our services, we make sure installers are working to relevant industry regulations and have access to technical advice should they require it.

Any tradesperson wishing to join Stroma Certification’s installer certification schemes must be subject to regular and thorough auditing of their assessment activities. We have these procedures in place to ensure our members adhere to appropriate standards and scheme operating rules and carry out work compliantly.

Since going on my own 12 months ago I continued to use Local Authority Building Control (LABC) to sign off my Part P electrical work. However, at £148 per inspection, it was starting to become uneconomical when quoting work at competitive prices.

So, I searched the web and made a few phone calls, looking for cheaper alternatives. The option which appealed to me the most was Stroma Certification’s Competent Person Scheme (CPS).

Knowing how to stand out from the crowd and show customers you have something different to offer is critical in this competitive market. It’s amazing how many firms and their tradespeople are doing great jobs but missing out on an opportunity to gain an edge – and ultimately increase their sales.

By being TrustMark registered, you will get that additional recognition as it is the only Government-endorsed ‘find a tradesman’ scheme for all trades in and around the home. It provides the best tradespeople with the opportunity to thrive through reputational benefits, increased business opportunities and quality referrals from the TrustMark website and other signposting channels.

The Heating and Renewables Roadshow (HRR) will be travelling to five strategically located venues across the UK in September, including Coventry, Exeter, Farnborough, Edinburgh and Manchester. Over 60 leading industry suppliers and manufacturers will be on hand to deliver essential advice, practical demonstrations and much more.