A Day in the Life of…John Prydderch (Marketing Communications Manager)

By in A Day in the Life of... on January 12, 2015

Our blog isn’t just about keeping you informed about current events and new developments. We’ll also be giving you an insight about how each branch of the company operates and fits together to create the fantastic organisation you know as Stroma.

In the first of these ‘A Day in the Life of…’ posts, I’ll be telling you all about our Marketing Department and specifically my role as Marketing Communications Manager.

My job involves the creation of Stroma’s communications – whether that’s brochures, email communications, web pages, news on the software feeds and members areas or our Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts. If there’s something important that the company needs to tell you then the chances are you’ll be hearing about it from the pens and keyboards of the marketing team.

We’re always on the lookout for new and accessible ways of speaking to our members, non-members, clients and potential customers and the blog is a big part of that. It’s one of a number of things we’re doing differently in 2015 and we’re quite excited about some of the new activities coming up later this year.

The Marketing department is very collaborative. Our team brings together designers, copywriters, marketers and web specialists so there’s a very diverse mix of skills. Each project or task involves all of us working together to create something visually attractive mixed with engaging content to achieve its final aim of getting our audience (i.e. you!) excited about Stroma.

Some of the favourite things I’ve worked on at Stroma have included our recent 2014 Advent Calendar, the new software videos which we’re continuing to publish on our YouTube channel and the marketing we’ve done on our Part P membership scheme. The best thing about my job is the diversity – there’s always something new to get your teeth into and it makes for a really challenging day-to-day workload.

The Marketing team is unique in some respects as we get to work with each individual area of the business. Very often I might be writing a press release for our Installer schemes in the morning, and then in the afternoon I might be talking to the DEA team about a new Technical Bulletin. That’s a really good thing as it means we can stay on top of all the projects occurring at Stroma and get the important information to you quickly.

I hope you enjoy reading the blog. There’s a lot more coming from the Stroma team this year and the blog is one of the many places you can hear about it first.

John Prydderch

John is the Marketing Communications Manager and joined the business in February 2014. He is thoroughly enjoying life at Stroma and looking forward to interacting with more of you through the blog.

6 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of…John Prydderch (Marketing Communications Manager)

  1. John PrydderchJohn Prydderch

    The widget Kirk mentions is our online pre-assessment tool for the Green Deal. It allows customers to fill in a form and calculate their property’s Green Deal potential. There’s more information here – http://www.stroma.com/certification/the-green-deal/green-deal-for-customers/

  2. John PrydderchJohn Prydderch

    Glad to read your comments Alistair. We’re hopeful that the blog will provide members and the rest of the industry with an opportunity to interact with one another.

  3. alistair alcock

    Survey widget !!!!! tell me more

  4. alistair alcock

    Great news the Blog and hopefully the way forward, it can only help strengthen the relationship between your members and help each other.

  5. John PrydderchJohn Prydderch

    Thanks for the feedback Kirk. Very pleased to hear your positive comments on the widget, I’ll pass those along to the appropriate team. Hope you continue to enjoy reading the blog!

  6. 6

    Hi John,
    I think the Stroma blog is a great idea and a good way to interact with your members and keep up to date with any changes and insights into Stroma. Great work on the online survey widget by the way, this has proved an invaluable tool for my business and proved a really useful way to get potential customers interacting with my website. Keep up the good work 🙂

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