Assessor interview: Passing a Stroma assessment

Steve Hackleton is a Technical Advisor for Stroma. With experience working as an electrician, Steve understands many of the technical problems which arise when carrying out installations and how to resolve them. As part of Installer Week, Steve has contributed his guidance and advice on how to complete a successful installation assessment, and how he can support you throughout your entire certification process.

Describe your background and areas of expertise.

I’m an electrician with 11 years of experience. My qualifications include all aspects of electrical installation and testing, electrical maintenance and Solar PV Systems.

What is the purpose of your role as an assessor?

When I carry out assessments, the main thing I look for is compliance, as opposed to non-conformities. I try to be as laid back as possible to make the applicant feel comfortable as it can be a nerve-wracking process for them!

What guidance and services can you offer installers?

I always provide feedback and provide constructive comments, as we do in all aspects of work at Stroma, to help installers improve upon their skills. I’m also involved in the development of our installer schemes, alongside the certification team, to create the most streamlined certification process possible.

What are installer assessments and how can they be successfully passed?

I’m looking for compliance with both the Wiring Regulations and Building Regulations and also the installer’s chosen scheme guidelines. Installers work on systems and appliances day in and day out, so ensuring that assessments are passed successfully and an installer will not cause harm is paramount.

How can assessments benefit an installer?

Assessments provide installers with the opportunity to ask the assessor questions. We’re there to ensure the installer is compliant, but also to offer additional support beyond their certification. Our installers regularly approach the team at Stroma with their queries and concerns; I often receive a lot of post-assessment queries which I’m always happy to help with.

How should installers prepare for an assessment and what can they expect?

Being organised paperwork is always helpful. But, the main thing is just to relax. We, as assessors, are just human beings qualified to work in the same industry (I’m still an electrician) as the people we assess.

What support do you offer installers once they are certified?

I always leave my business card with the installers I have assessed and offer ongoing support should they need to contact me. We always work to our company objects to provide friendly and personable advice, with a quick turnaround response to maintain safety and competency.

How do you feel about installer assessments? Do you have any questions for Steve? Please leave your comments and queries below.

Steven Hackleton

Steve is an electrician with 11 years of experience. He offers guidance and support when carrying out assessments for electrical installations. He believes in a personable approach and offering ongoing support and advice, something which he hopes to achieve on this blog.

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