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By in Software on February 16, 2015

The last few years of helping my customers navigate compliance-heavy schemes such as the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) has helped me realise how important the understanding of who is doing what, when and how, has become. In many instances a lack of this understanding has led to, amongst other things, failed audits, missing data and delays in remuneration for works completed.

Customers have relied on old fashioned spreadsheets and word documents to manage their compliance and processes, which has unfortunately proved to be time consuming and unreliable. The solution to this is the automation of many of these tasks and the online storage of data.

Stroma’s latest iteration of Tracker, our workflow management software, will enable businesses to understand the status of a particular job or project at any point. Hooking in to our mobile data collection tools RSAP+ and Capture IT in real time, version 3 of Tracker represents a large step forward in the provision of software, with a new property-centric front end and access to a web based portal for your customer’s customer.

Do you use a lead generation company to generate opportunities? Then they can upload new jobs to you, for assessment, via the Tracker Online Portal. As the job progresses an assessor can update it via their portal log in, so all parties are fully up to speed with project progression.

The latest developments in Tracker have allowed Stroma to diversify into other industries, and we’re soon providing software to the health & safety and water & roofing industries – amongst others. Using Tracker, customers have experienced a reduction in the use of paper, better quality of data collected, improved compliance, shorter processes and more accuracy in the delivery of schemes.

Stroma will be demoing version 3 of Tracker at Ecobuild 2015 and our team will be running some free software demonstrations each day at the event. You can also arrange a private demonstration by completing our online form or calling our sales team on 0845 621 11 11.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the new Tracker when it launches next month, so please keep in touch on the blog.

Tom Chapman

Tom is a Business Development Manager. Having joined Stroma in June 2012, he is experienced in working with our core customers as well as developing relationships in alternative industries. Tom looks forward to talking to more customers through the blog site.

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