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Paper vs Digital: does your business take a modern approach to data?

By in Software on January 13, 2016

A few different scenarios I experienced recently has helped me realise how dependent some remote workers still are on pen and paper, how some industries have embraced the digital age whilst others lag behind & how Formation Software can help. I’d like to share some of these observations with you.

Formation SoftwareThe popularity of online shopping has driven demand for logistics providers and courier services & increased the pressure on distributors to provide a prompt, efficient service. Working from home one day before Christmas, I witnessed several different deliveries to a variety of properties in the space of an hour. Two deliveries were made to my address. What struck me was the difference in how the delivery was recorded by the courier. Courier A gave me a piece of paper to sign, (with a pen that didn’t work, he had to get another one from the van). He had to write down the barcode for his documentation too. The delivery driver had “paperwork coming out of his ears”. By contrast Courier B had me sign, with a proper stylus, a digital note on a tablet, and a pdf of the delivery note was emailed to me instantly. The supplier was also notified of the delivery. All of this is possible with Formation. How can Courier A expect to manage the increase in demand for their services at peak times operating in this manner?

I worked in the leisure industry for 10 years, when tasks such as pool tests (to check correct chemical levels) health and safety inspections, stock control in the on site cafes & cleanliness audits in the gyms were conducted using pen and paper. This documentation needed to be stored for review by a visiting Regional Manager. We had a whole room dedicated to the storage of such paperwork. Having recently reconnected with former colleagues who still work in the leisure industry, I was surprised to learn that these tasks are still conducted in the same way. Clearly a digital solution such as Formation would shorten the time it takes to conduct such tasks, improve productivity, increase accountability and simplify the review process for the Regional team.

What is prohibiting some industries from implementing a digital solution? Cost can be a factor, but using Formation can improve efficiency in many areas of a business, so the return on investment can be great if the software is implemented correctly.

Stroma Software would like to invite you to a series of industry specific workshops looking at this implementation and demonstrate how Formation will improve your customers experience, reduce physical paperwork, improve the quality of data collected and help realise efficiency savings by improving and shortening processes.

If you recognise any of the above issues and would like to know more please contact me either via LinkedIn, or by completing my Formation online enquiry form.

Tom Chapman

Tom is a Business Development Manager. Having joined Stroma in June 2012, he is experienced in working with our core customers as well as developing relationships in alternative industries. Tom looks forward to talking to more customers through the blog site.

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