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By in Installer Week, Stroma Certification on September 18, 2015

Any tradesperson wishing to join Stroma Certification’s installer certification schemes must be subject to regular and thorough auditing of their assessment activities. We have these procedures in place to ensure our members adhere to appropriate standards and scheme operating rules and carry out work compliantly.

Stroma Certification assessors operate a firm but fair approach to assessments to maintain customer satisfaction and good working relationships. We have heard many a horror story from our customers who have had terrible experiences during assessments and this is something we are very conscious of at Stroma.

Often, assessors can give the impression that they are looking to find errors within your work and nothing else. Here at Stroma our assessors are trained to look for compliance, not non-compliance, as we believe that this approach lends itself to a better experience for our customers. Should mistakes be made, Stroma assessors use this opportunity to identify these areas and improve upon them. Our assessors can provide constructive feedback to improve the operations of your business and make them work successfully and more importantly, compliantly!

Image - Assessment1During assessments, our assessors are looking for two key things, a compliant Quality Management System (QMS) (or installation) and a good level of understanding of the QMS and relevant standards. The checks on your QMS will involve the assessor asking you to carry out available procedures and discuss them in depth; we always suggest that someone from your organisation who knows the QMS in detail is present so that the assessment runs smoothly. Following these checks we will take a look at an installation(s) for the products or services you wish to be certified for. You will need to demonstrate that you have installed the product(s) to the relevant standards and Building Regulations; again having someone on-site who is familiar with the installation is crucial.

Following the assessment, you will have the chance to discuss the findings of the assessments with your assessor to make sure you are happy and understand what has happened throughout the day. Any areas of weakness which have been identified during the assessment will be outlined on a copy of the report which you will be provided with. Should you have any areas which need to be rectified, you will be given a specific time period in which to make them compliant. Technical Support is available if required to guide you on any additional queries you may have. This facility is available at any time during your membership with Stroma as well as other benefits such as our Stroma Store, members areas and in house software solutions.

Please leave your comments below with any queries about QMS assessments and audits, or email our team at

Lewis Hartley

Lewis is Stroma Certification’s GDAO, GDI, MCS and CPS Scheme Manager and is responsible for the certification and ongoing compliance of Stroma members. He has never wrote a blog before, but is looking forward to providing readers with the latest Stroma scheme news, tips on how to maintain compliance and guidance on how to pass Stroma audits.

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