Steve Hackleton is a Technical Advisor for Stroma. With experience working as an electrician, Steve understands many of the technical problems which arise when carrying out installations and how to resolve them. As part of Installer Week, Steve has contributed his guidance and advice on how to complete a successful installation assessment, and how he can support you throughout your entire certification process.

Steven Hackleton

Steve is an electrician with 11 years of experience. He offers guidance and support when carrying out assessments for electrical installations. He believes in a personable approach and offering ongoing support and advice, something which he hopes to achieve on this blog.

Julian Hodgson is one of Stroma’s Technical Advisors, with years of experience working as a heating and plumbing engineer. Julian has installed all manners of heating appliances and renewable technologies and has tutored others in similar trades. Alongside Stroma’s Installer Week promotion, Julian has contributed his best practice advice to this blog, offering hints and tips on what to expect and how to successfully pass installation assessments in order to join Stroma’s certification schemes.

Julian Hodgson

Julian is an experienced plumbing and heating engineer with an environmentalist’s passion for the renewables heating industry. As a trainer, he has taught on all aspects of plumbing, heating and renewable technologies and is looking forward to sharing his tips and advice on these sectors.

Any tradesperson wishing to join Stroma Certification’s installer certification schemes must be subject to regular and thorough auditing of their assessment activities. We have these procedures in place to ensure our members adhere to appropriate standards and scheme operating rules and carry out work compliantly.

Lewis Hartley

Lewis is Stroma Certification’s GDAO, GDI, MCS and CPS Scheme Manager and is responsible for the certification and ongoing compliance of Stroma members. He has never wrote a blog before, but is looking forward to providing readers with the latest Stroma scheme news, tips on how to maintain compliance and guidance on how to pass Stroma audits.

Since going on my own 12 months ago I continued to use Local Authority Building Control (LABC) to sign off my Part P electrical work. However, at £148 per inspection, it was starting to become uneconomical when quoting work at competitive prices.

So, I searched the web and made a few phone calls, looking for cheaper alternatives. The option which appealed to me the most was Stroma Certification’s Competent Person Scheme (CPS).

Richard Morris

Richard Morris has been working as an electrician under RM Property Solutions Limited for a number of years. He became certified by Stroma Certification’s Competent Person Scheme after searching for a cost-effective solution to certify his Part P electrical work.

If you’ve been following our activities closely, you’ll already know about our recent software launches and updates. One of our biggest releases was our electrical certificate generation software – E-Cert.

Andy Sharp

Andy is our Commercial Manager and leads on our Installer Certification Schemes for GDI, MCS and CPS. You’ll be hearing from Andy about scheme developments, new software and news affecting the installer industry.

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Nikki Johnson

Nikki joined Stroma in 2014 as a Content Copywriter. She enjoys engaging readers through writing and is keen to build an online community with visitors to the blog.