The key to fuss-free paperwork is by using hassle-free software

By in Software, Stroma Certification on February 11, 2015

If you’ve been following our activities closely, you’ll already know about our recent software launches and updates. One of our biggest releases was our electrical certificate generation software – E-Cert.

Why E-Cert?

We understand our electrical members and how you want to make your jobs easier and hassle-free. You told us you wanted something you could take on site that is both user-friendly and portable. This was our driving point to creating a software with digital features and paperless forms, all rolled into one, providing you with the solutions you need to get your job done quickly and efficiently – saving you money along the way.

At Stroma, customer feedback is always vital to our software and scheme developments. The first users of the software couldn’t praise it enough, while providing us with insightful feedback that we hope to use for future developments, such as improving the user experience and plugging into the notification system.

As an electrician, E -Cert offers you a low-cost option without annual licensing fees and shelling out £10 several times a year for electrical certificate books. PDF certificates cost just 40p each with E-Cert, and that’s a standard fee for both our members and those who haven’t joined a scheme with Stroma. What’s more, all the certificates are updated in line with the Wiring Regulations, so you will always comply with the latest British Standards.

What does it cover?

The desktop version is great for when you’re filling in forms and completing paperwork back in the office. You won’t accidentally send an incomplete form because data validation ensures all required fields are filled out. Plus, E-Cert doesn’t need to be connected to the Internet, so there’s no worry about losing your progress or trying to get connection when working in rural areas.

The great thing about E-Cert, as with all our software, is it saves you time and money. It’s also as easy as clicking a button to generate hard copy PDF certificates and all data is stored securely in the Cloud, bringing complete peace of mind, ease and simplicity to the way you work.

How can I start using the software?

We provide demonstrations for anyone interested in our software. Just simply ask for a demo from one of our teams on 0845 621 11 11 ext. 622. We’ll also be showcasing E-Cert at Elex, so you can attend any number of events throughout the country to get a live-action look at what the software has to offer.

What’s next?

E-Cert is relatively new, but has already provided a big change for Part P and the way electricians work in the industry. We’re keen to update E-Cert with new features and improvements to make the software, and the experience of using it, even better for our members. Look out for further posts in our software series by signing up on the left-hand menu.

Have you tried E-Cert already? Tell everyone about it in the comments below!

Andy Sharp

Andy is our Commercial Manager and leads on our Installer Certification Schemes for GDI, MCS and CPS. You’ll be hearing from Andy about scheme developments, new software and news affecting the installer industry.

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