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As the founder and Managing Director of Erudite Training Ltd, my working life, hobbies and passions are all bound in the established training company that is Erudite. With over 25 years of experience as an electrical engineer, I have not only achieved my own qualifications, but have also been able to pass on my knowledge as a lecturer for installers.

Erudite have partnered with Stroma Certification to support installers throughout all aspects of their trade. We provide training facilities for new and experienced installers, preparing them with the qualifications required to become certified under Stroma Certification’s installer schemes. Between both of our services, we make sure installers are working to relevant industry regulations and have access to technical advice should they require it.

For many years, I have been concerned about the paradox between the number of installers who feel that they are reasonably competent against the number that make few mistakes. Outside of the use of standard circuits in a household, installation design is an area which is very rarely completed correctly. This can mean that installations are often unsafe, inefficient and more expensive than necessary. To avoid making these mistakes, Erudite offer a range of nationally recognised training courses to teach each student to a competent level.

Creating Erudite provided me with the opportunity to tailor courses and deliver them in the environment I wanted. As the owner of Erudite’s training centre, I have designed our building to meet both our needs and our student’s needs, rather than renting a generic space. Our ethos at Erudite is to make students feel welcome and able to participate in a supportive learning environment. Although our lessons are educational and of a professional standard, we ensure they are personable and relaxed too; it is far better to learn when you are enjoying yourself!

Our primary focus is not the exams, although passing them is important for obvious reasons. Instead, we explain the courses in an in depth manner, teaching each aspect to be fully understood so that you can become a competent installer. Then, passing your exams becomes a by-product of this knowledge. Competency not only includes knowing every aspect of your qualification, but also knowing where your limits are. Erudite always advise that installers double check or rely on secondary advice if you are unsure of your work.

Our ‘alternative’ approach at Erudite has seen our pass rates maintain a high standard, ensuring large amounts of recommendations and repeat business. For example, our City & Guilds 2934/2395 Inspection & Test courses are considered to be difficult to pass, yet our students continue to surpass these expectations. The success we have achieved has resulted in recognition from City & Guilds, for whom I have been an Examiner for, for several years, and Stroma Certification. As a contributor to developing electrical qualifications, we’re currently in the process of adding new elements to Erudite’s training courses, including heating wiring and emergency lighting. We’re constantly expanding our courses and adding new benefits, such as our partnership with Stroma Certification, to ensure installers have access to work across a broader scope of trades which can benefit their business.

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Simon Ogborn

Simon is the Managing Director of Erudite Training Ltd with over twenty years of experience working in the electrical industry as an Electrical Inspector and City & Guilds Examiner as well as a Lecturer at Erudite. He believes in accessible education, ensuring Erudite’s training courses are comfortable, interesting and affordable for electricians.

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    I think it is amazing what you have dont and what you continue to do for our industry Simon Ogborn.
    I have been an Electrical Technician for a little more than 7 years but feel like I haven’t yet harnessed my true full potential within my field of expertise.
    I have also sent you a contact request via email to discuss things further. Thank you for your time.
    -Jordan V.

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